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SUPREME recently seem quite busy, busy start a new quarter in addition to a single product it outside, back to DSM Ginza store to help out and tactfully with COMME desGARCONS unprecedented cooperation, just yet published in the latest issue of "SHOES MASTER" on the latest collaboration NIKE Dunk Low Pro SB and, indeed superhuman indispensable. In this issue of "SHOES MASTER" in addition to the exposure to cooperate with Nike, but also exposed a series of cooperation and vans latest news, once again return to the line of sight above the skateboarding street culture, this cooperation with the most well known VANS SK8-Hi, Era and Half Cab models expand, the Supreme this season's theme played to full print shoe designs, covering the Campbell's Soup cans stickers, Supreme shelves this quarter is about to log on sale before Buy a T-Shirt friends, might be combined on the same element sneaker bar. & nbsp; Source: SHOES MASTER 2007 Italy economy achieved a growth of 1.5%, slightly lower than the beginning of 1.9% the government submitted to the EU's schedule also lags behind other major western industrial countries, but overall still maintain a slow growth trend in recent years, especially has a good effect in reducing the fiscal deficit reached. The government's t jordans on sale online arget. At present, Italy is in a period of economic weakness, the Prodi government should control the budget deficit, reduce public debt, but also to promote the reform of market liberalization, the subprime crisis in the United States lead to a slowdown in economic growth in the United States, the euro dollar exchange rate continued to rise and high oil prices climb under the environment in Italy, beset with troubles internally and externally can achieve this result is not easy, is also reasonable. one, the overall economy is still slow growth trend in 2007, Italy achieved GDP (GDP) of 1 trillion and 284 billion 919 million euros (at the reference price of 2000), compared with 2006 growth rate of 1.5%, a slight increase of 1.9% over the previous year. Since the late 90s of last century, Italy's economic growth has slowed down and has been in a state of wandering. In 2007, the growth rates of GDP in other major Western and euro area countries were 2.9% in Britain, 2.5% in Germany, 2.2% in the United States, 2.1% in Japan, and 1.9% in france. in 2007, the import and export of goods and services trade in Italy showed a high growth rate of 4.4% and 5% respectively. The growth rate of 1.4% of domestic consumption mainly depends on the growth of hous jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ehold consumption (1.4%). 2007 Italy fixed asset investment growth of 1.2%, mainly due to the construction investment increased by 2.2%, the transportation and the intangible assets investment rose by 0.8%, 2.6%, of machinery and equipment investment fell 0.3%. as in previous years, the 2007 Italy economic growth is mainly driven by domestic consumption growth, the contribution to GDP growth of 1.1%, the household consumption boosting GDP growth of 0.8%, public administration and private sector spending contribution rate 0.3%. In addition, the contribution of fixed asset investment growth to GDP growth was 0.3%. As exports of goods and services grew more than imports, the contribution of external demand to GDP growth was 0.1%. According to industry division, the growth rate of GDP growth in Italy was 0.8% respectively, 1.6% in construction industry and 1.8% in service industry. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries are zero. two; the budget deficit and public debt improved )Kanye West and Kanye Nike to create the pinnacle of Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October is obviously each shoe fans dream of shoes, and let the limited sale is more precious. These problems are the eyes are custom shoes off small Case, this design will follow the classic Jordan Brand in Jo air jordan 11 space jam for sale rdan Future to create a new remodeling this year. Still the eye-catching red for knitting uppers this pair of shoes and Air Jordan 11 outer bottom color, at the same time also lead metal shoes with luxury gold show, is also a Air Yeezy 2 charm? 1.jpg (46.93 KB, download number: 1) download Jordan Future Red October customized version of 2014-7-13 16:23 upload 2.jpg (56.19 KB, download number: 1) download Jordan Future Red October customized version of 2014-7-13 16:23 upload 3.jpg (41.02 KB, download number: 1) download Jordan Future Red October customized version of 2014-7-13 16:23 upload 4.jpg (48.44 KB, download number: 1) download Jordan Future Red October customized version of 2014-7-13 16:23 upload 5.jpg (52.34 KB, download number: 1) download Jordan Future Red October customized version of 2014-7-13 upload 16:23 6.jpg (51.55 KB, download number: 1) download Jordan Future Red October customized version of 2014-7-13 16:23 Jordan Future Re0 upload.2015 only the last half a month's time, in this year as a sneakerhead you do not know what the harvest of their own favorite works. But today is not to everyone to the sun, but as a summary of the article, summed up in the middle of 2015, the major shoe brands are on sale which are t Retro jordans for sale he most popular of all shoes. The following is for you to select the best of the 50 works, before you may wish to guess the next top three is? Public, School x Air Jordan 50 12Nike, KD What 7 "the KD " 49J.Crew, X New Balance 99848Converse, Chuck Taylor II47Nike, Air Max 46 1 Black/RedLeatherNike, Air Foamposite One Sharpie "" 45VILLA x Wale x 44. ASICS Gel Lyte IIIExtra Butter x adidas Vanguard 43. CollectionLeBron 42.Nike 12 Wheat "EXT" Palace x adidas Pro PrimeknitImage41.Nike Kyrie 40. 1 "Star " AllAir Jordan 39. 11 "Playoffs" LowPusha T 38. x adidas EQT Running Guidance Black '93 "Market "Nike Air Force 37. 1 RemasteredHighColette x ASICS Gel Lyte 36. IIINike Zoom LeBron Soldier 35. 8 FlyeaseRihanna x PUMA〉 34.recently, Nike announced next year will be on sale Nike Air Max Soldier V shoes. This section uses a mix of leather uppers, Phylon soles and can see palm heel Max, used Zoom technology, solid rubber sole herringbone solid. It is due for sale in autumn 2011, at $110. download (63.08 KB)〈br 2011-1-5="" 13:48Nike Air followed by the presentation of Air Jordan 4 OG '89 white cement color will be available next year! brings you back to 1989, definitely the most anticipated shoe for early next year! None of! [Chinese shoes Network cheap air jordans - shoe world GUIDE] a brand is a promise, a man talk "Care" brand to do the same. You just listen to those who say to the consumer's brand slogan in real business activities to honor, and your brand naturally live in the minds of consumers. As we all know, since the beginning of 2010, the local sporting goods enterprises to enter the growth bottleneck, on the one hand it is the channel expansion fatigue, on the other hand is a substantial increase in inventories; on the contrary, foreign brands but still maintained good growth. Many people will say that they have a strong Nike brand equity, and sports resources is extremely rich, but with the growing spending power of the Chinese people to enhance the future will be dominated by foreign brands. Indeed, from a certain point of view, in China, the scale of the sports brand too much, and serious homogenization; and in the global market outside China, you can hardly see the same situation, both past and present. As far as I observed, the pattern of the world's sporting goods market has such three characteristics: First, the global sports brand substantially from sports power, such as Nike, Adidas America and Germany; Second, in developed countries, basically have 3- Under the long-tailed three articles in the field jordan 3 katrina 2018 of professional sports, there is a long long tail, by a number of small and medium sized professional brand control, and also; 5 scale local brands, such as Japan, YY, France and other big cock We have to make a smaller tail. Such as running the New-Balance, Tai Nika, Outdoors The NorthFace, board class limit of Vans, surfing O'Neil and so on. Thus, the basic trend of the future of Chinese sports goods market, my judgment is that with China's market size, growth potential, diversity of consumer demand point of view, there will be possible with Nike, Adidas, at the world's few local brands He survived, and some will continue in the area of ??the Red Sea in casual clothing grappling to survive, the rest, if you adhere to the movement route, it must be done in conjunction with a particular professional sports into more segments of the market; however, due to cultural tradition of China's current education system and heavy paper light weapons, the market demand requires a slow process of accumulation, go this route in the short term more difficult to want to do the General Assembly. And if you take the current route, you need to highly personalized marketing, brand positioning and innovative way. Back to the topic, I would like to remind everybody sporting goods bus cheap foamposites iness leaders, who, without their finest hour. After you envy when Nike made and come from behind so-called brand, have not considered in the end that is what brand investment (note the "investment" investment, rather than "spending" Cost;? Not quibble, but different cognitive different results) in good times, the high growth rate of a handsome cover a hundred ugly, when poor year for it? by "Pa Edition" by "CCTV5 + Sponsorship Resources" saturation attack may create in the past, so rely on What is going to win the future? Yes, live is the last word, but the problem is that the money did not spend less, but there is no brand value growth, experiencing a collective clear inventory, meet rising manufacturing and distribution costs, there is no possibility for a change Ideas for species living law? Some people say that science Nike is a dead end, not law, but have you noticed that Nike at every step by the city to beat us one by one, it is the things you do not want to learn. For example, local brands are now talking about "sports marketing", not to mention signing blindness campaign resources, just "sheep-style management" paid after signed the contract, it is enough to allow you to spend a lot of waste out half. You are not athletes who spend effort, not to give t jordans on sale mens he necessary attention to the development of sports, even reluctant to brains in communication with sports enthusiasts, the only chance you want exposure, just picked peaches leave, then there What is the reason to complain others took your money do not say hello? There is no reason to complain of consumers despise How about you? 2011, Nike engaged in a campaign theme, "With the movement ......", in addition to integrated advertising, the climax of the activities of 80,000 people in Shanghai Stadium, "Nike sink." Visited friends, whether it is sports officials or the media reporter or sports fans, we have given a good evaluation. Fierce look, Nike theme to promote public welfare and even some taste, because it is involved in the movement of young people in the call, this is the leading brand in the dry matter. In fact, weekdays, Nike made a single field of investment activity can be millions of budget, and local enterprises compared to its more willing to spend money on consumer experience, spent on creative manufacturing news content; again Check out our common large ones is a little out of money to do the activities, more budget basically gave the media. Of course, you can say that we live in different stages of the Nike brand recognition is more important than Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale the consumer experience. You can do several billion business, and the primitive accumulation stage is long past, you need to stop and think about it, in the end is to do the so-called brand business, still wore a hat selling brand shoes? Earn more wealth can not be taken to another world, then you can leave anything to this world? Now you all want to be the boss, so please come up with the courage to boss, the boss to do the right thing. do the brand seemingly complex theories of various models of various genres sky to fly, in fact, put it bluntly, a brand is a promise, a man talk "Care" brand to do the same. You just listen to those who say to the consumer's brand slogan in real business activities to honor, and your brand naturally live in the minds of consumers. Such as Li Ning said, "let change happen", then you should put resources into it, as some kind of change in the pan movement of consumers to pay their own efforts! Such as Anta said "never stop", since you are the sponsor of the CBA league There is no initiative is to encourage local players to "never stop, to scale new heights" it? Xtep said, "so that movement different", in addition to Nicholas Tse and Villarreal all the players together at TVC which ground cheerful play outside, you bring God and G buy cheap jordans online od horse sports horse different? Pick said "I can play", in addition to holding a handful of NBA players and NBA court in place billboards with advertising in the CCTV vote, you can also all day playing with those kids playing street ball point what? Four years ago, Obama said, "Change", reads thus, also put the word you give local enterprises, taking advantage of the foundation under our house and room for growth are pretty good case, and quickly change it, or really late . Although Li Ning was not so good, but do not write it "change" as negative examples, on the contrary, this initiative to change the consciousness of what many brands lack. this writing, no intention to criticize, but the trigger, right and wrong, forgive me for possible problems. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre, shoes World Tribune microblogging)CESARIO LO deserved to become the symbol of Creative Recreation shoes, recently, CESARIO LO re-launched a new color. & Nbsp; The new color with a very classic camouflage pattern building, wove camouflage pattern material so that the whole pair of shoes Shoes less feeling but greatly increased its trend feeling, and select with the camouflage pattern of the soles and inner lining color is also very good to highlight the sporty entire pair of shoes. Litchi leather material embellishment, but also the texture of the shoes will not look too thin. & Nbsp; Currently this shoe has been on sale in the CR United States. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Adidas D Rose 4.5 recommends 2014-02-24 21:02:09 on the foot Adidas D Rose 4 upgrade product Adidas D Rose 4.5 officially released recently, shoes design inspiration from Derek Ross himself beast instinct ferocious attack ability. The SIZE editor to bring a group of friends on foot collocation pictures, through the daily wear Adidas D Rose 4.5 ferocious murderous feelings with. L.12.12 series shoes inheritance LACOSTE innovative spirit 2016-02-19 11:59:52 René Lacoste is synonymous with innovation and dynamic elegance, renowned worldwide. He is not only a famous athlete, but also his famous brand LACOSTE, which is well known for its excellent design performance and excellent manufacturing technology. Brand new L.12.12 shoes series, inspired by Lacoste and Gillier created 12 kinds of samples. The series of LACOSTE brand logo since 1933 fabric technology, learn the characteristics of small embossed mesh fabric of various functions, exquisite fashion models, both focus on flexibility, but also improve the function of. L.12.12 shoes represent the essence of the LACOSTE brand, simple lines tough, dynamic design, and add more subtle elements, including moving more freely super soft top leather uppers and unique brand of perforated toe details. The outsole of shoes is made of LACOSTE's unique lines, simple and dynamic, and the molded insole gives comfort and breathability to the shoes. Iconic LOGO logos adorn it and highlight the features of the LACOSTE on the court. The tongue is printed on the L.12.12 trademark, simple color with exquisite fashion style, showing the characteristics of brand quality. this time, let's go into the backstage of A-COLD-WALL* 2018 spring and summer press conference. We will appreciate the details of the series from different angles, and also listen to Samuel Ross personally explain the design concept. Samuel Ross's personal brand A-COLD-WALL* released 2018 spring and summer series at London Fashion Week, the new series inspired by the transition from the British experience of campus culture to enter the working state of Samuel, based on these white-collar everyday wear suits and shirts on the collage with avant-garde sense of PVC light material, again collocation asymmetry create clipping has not got rid of the young rebellious spirit, combined with the famous Hoodie Jacket, sports pants and street clothes to create a unique ACW fashion attitude. material source: HYPEBEAST APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! last year's highly popular Air Presto seems to be in a bit of a slump this year, but it doesn't matter because the shoes have unlocked the new model this year - Nike Presto Fly. Compared to Air, Presto shoes are more fashionable elements. While removing the iconic shoe frame, a dynamic fly line is used to strengthen the package. The bottom of the bottom of the Mini Swoosh increase, move up to both sides of the shoes, the whole presents a familiar and refreshing visual experience. At present, the double Nike Presto Fly China has bring a variety of color login official website (link), priced at $649 RMB. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!