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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The Institute ergonomic Beijing Masayuki has sued Nike shoes advertising "pseudo-science, false propaganda," Nike's favor in the case in the first instance. A few days before the case first instance verdict, the plaintiff alleged unfair competition again, again Nike prosecution. Recently, the Beijing Higher People's Court of Final Appeal dismissed Masayuki of the Institute that it is not competing with Nike. Nike will again prosecute a case pending 2005 ?? 11 14, Xicheng District Court of First Instance dismissed the lawsuit for lack of evidence Masayuki request of the Institute. Previously, Masayuki this Institute will Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. and the US Nike company to court, that its official website, training sites and partner sites, Nike Air shoes and elastic column shoes, do a lot of motor function false propaganda, saying it makes "run faster", "jump higher" is the "high-speed breakthrough accelerator" and "run king" that can "recuperate quickly" jordans on sale online and so on. These propaganda contrary to generally accepted scientific principles, the lack of factual basis, is false propaganda. Just a few days before the verdict of the case, is of this study Youyi grounds of unfair competition, the two sued Nike again. Masayuki prosecution in this study, said its long-term basic research function of footwear products, product development and operations. Acts of false propaganda of the two defendants, for the same products in the footwear business Masayuki this study constitutes unfair competition, infringement of their legitimate rights and interests. court finds that the parties are different consumer objects Nike Nike Suzhou and the United States agree that there is no competition between it and the positive of this study, the positive of this is only developed its own shoe research units, its sales on the site slimming fitness shoes, and other products are also non-athletic shoes, both products of non-similar products for groups is not the same, N cheap air jordans ike's products are suitable for athletes and sports enthusiasts etc., and consumer groups Masayuki This product is a minority in the field of health care. Court of First Instance adopted Nike's opinion, rejected the prosecution Masayuki of the Institute. Masayuki The Institute subsequently filed an appeal. Beijing Higher People's Court has examined, the main function of the product being of this study is that the business' physical training function "and" for low back pain, cervical spondylosis rehabilitation function "; and Suzhou, and Nike Nike USA Its products are mainly sports shoes and other sporting goods. The main function of both aspects of related products for groups, consumer objects, and so there is a big difference. Therefore, as the main market operators of different products, it does not have a competitive relationship. Accordingly, upheld the first instance verdict.The last century in 90s known as the golden age of Hip Hop culture, as the dancing and street culture in ICON s buy cheap jordans online hoes, PUMA Suede with Hip Hop culture worldwide fame. When PUMA Suede had come to England, quickly attracted many local Hip Hop culture and culture lovers. In order to resonate with the local consumers, PUMA Suede's name was changed to PUMA States, meaning from United States of America shoes. PUMA is a well-known British shoe shop and size? Launched a joint States series, which has also become the history of the PUMA's most famous joint projects. Recently, PUMA States regression 2014 winter, launched the Gum Pack series. The design of the continuation of the classic suede shoes material collocation, rubber outsole, and PUMA States Logo in the golden eye-catching appear in the shoe body side position; in addition, the shoes are still inside the design on the use of the leather material, greatly enhance the warm. Finally, it is worth mentioning that, in addition to the original shoe laces to fine money, to the first year of tribute, but also comes with PUMA classic wide laces for consumer colloc cheap foamposites ation. Gum Pack series of olive green, red and black three colors in October 10th in the world's major retail sale of PUMA, including Caliroots, size? Sneaker and Politics. puma-select-launches-states-winter-gum-pack-1.jpg (80.65 KB, download number: 0) download PUMA States Gum Pack 2014-10-9 15:46 upload puma-select-launches-states-winter-gum-pack-3.jpg (94.07 KB, download number: 0) download PUMA States Gum Pack 2014-10-9 15:47 upload puma-select-launches-states-winter-gum-pack-2.jpg (102.46 KB, download number: 0) download PUMA States Gum Pack 2014-10-9 15:470Cristiano · Ronaldo from the age of ten, signed a contract to an occupation player of the year award, by virtue of its speed, savvy and dominated the scoring record in large soccer world stage in china. From the 1988 design for Nike have great originality to create Nike Zoom Mercurial XI innovation FK FC also deliver the goods, has become a great choice for people to travel. The day before, brand again for this p Retro jordans for sale air of both stylish and comfortable design to launch a white color, and one type of shoes by Flyknit knitting materials, create a particularly light and fit the comfort, and the black and white striped shoe body simple decoration is very elegant, with star ornament shoe body advanced Swoosh, Zoom and Air finally equipped with transparent bottom showing slow epicenter. nike-flyknit-mercurial-ix-black-white-stars-1.jpg (186.47 KB, download times: 8) download attachment Nike, Zoom, Mercurial, XI, FK, FC, new colors, 2016-12-25 upload at 11:45 nike-flyknit-mercurial-ix-black-white-stars-4.jpg (175.97 KB, download times: 8) download attachment Nike, Zoom, Mercurial, XI, FK, FC, new colors, 2016-12-25 upload at 11:45 nike-flyknit-mercurial-ix-black-white-stars-5.jpg (67.67 KB, download times: 8) download attachment Nike, Zoom, Mercurial, XI, FK, FC, new colors, 2016-12-25 upload at 11:45 nike-flyknit-mercurial-ix-black-white-stars-2.jpg (100.23 KB, download times: 10) download atta Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale chment Nike, Zoom, Mercurial, XI, FK, FC, new colors, 2016-12-25 upload at 11:45 nike-flyknit-mercurial-ix-black-white-stars-3.j0Recently, the streets of the big trends Been Trill and PacSun stores from New York to release the cooperation series "Ace" clothing line, apparel inevitable and ultimately overwhelmed Been Trill always authentic American street style, in the series of baseball clothes , sweater has reflected. It is reported that this series has now been landed with its online store PacSun store, like a friend can consider starting.half a century ago today, Beatles's single "Revolution" appears for the first time. During the Vietnam war intensified, Martin Luther King was assassinated soon, and the French "May storm" outbreak. it is the first band in history to clearly convey information and political works, written by John Lennon, its position in music history is far beyond the category of music, is a reflection of the social trend of the times. 20 years later, in the United St air jordan 11 space jam for sale ates of the "Cosby Show" known to every family, this classic song of the first harvest as super hot debate -- because Nike will use the Air in its wholly intact Max shoes in advertising. 1987 in March, Nike released "Air Revolution" television advertising films in the passionate melody of "Revolution" Michael Jordan, a green hand flying in the basket above John McEnroe; tennis legend to show signs of bad temper; a group of runners neatly training on the runway (actually Tom Hartge led Nike product line managers personally photographed); and the most audience remember the toddler (actually Nike when a customer's cousin). now, Nike's move seems to have no place to get excited over a little thing. At the time, the song will be Beatles (especially like "Revolution" this song "the voice of the times") for business purpose product promotion is considered "disrespectful", which is considered to be "immoral" abuse of cultural behavior, even regarded as profane lyrics on Lennon. Prior to this, any jordans on sale mens classic pop songs appear in commercial advertising in the film are just "cover". From the Sunkist Beach Boys beverage advertising appeared in "Good Vibration", to the Honda advertisement in Lou Reed "Walk on the Wild Side", without exception. if this behavior has been permitted, that each of the first Beatles recorded songs can be used propaganda lingerie and advertising in the sausage. expected, Beatles belongs to Nike Records Apple records, legal proceedings, the statement did not authorize the use of Nike band songs, and demanded $15 million compensation. "if this behavior has been permitted, that each of the first Beatles recorded songs can be used propaganda lingerie and advertising in the sausage. We have to stop, since a set 〉Kobe Bryant Air Jordan 3 PE exclusive version of the $30000 transaction price of $ in the 2002 to 2003 season, legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant is not under contract with any brand, he sometimes wore Air Jordan PE battle, and tongue written in jordan 3 katrina 2018 November 26, 2002 of Air Jordan 3 PE was in season Kobe with one of the two, the size is Kobe the US14 code. The overall use of the official Bai Zihuang color design belongs to the LA Lakers team recently, this pair of rare Air Jordan 3 PE induced in the auction site eBay to price $$30400, but the Kobe career final battle front row tickets are highest fry $$27500, for he made AJ 3 PE worth. interested friends can go to the relevant eBay auction page view.Recently, we offer the adidas Originals "Ram" theme series of shoes, overwhelmed brand to Chinese traditional art "paper-cut" to create a source of inspiration, the election to Superstar and Forum High as the blueprint to build a whole in red and black, the Chinese cultural performance of the head, and not a lack of trend of breath. It is reported that the series of shoes will be landed from January 15 designated shops for sale on the brand, and interested friends may wish to look it. Offer reminder: Air Jordan 10 Retro "Powder Blue" 2014- jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black 02-24 21:07:20 This weekend, Jordan Brand in turn, "as about" as we offer an engraved footwear. The stage is a Air Jordan 10 Retro "Powder Blue" color, black and white shoes with simple tone, and then injected into dazzling bright blue to attract the eye. Jordan Brand is also customary to build for this footwear engraved a series of ancillary products, shoes will be on sale Saturday, February 22 in Japan, our friends want to start you had better prepare for it! Social Status x Reebok Pump 25 Anniversary Edition release 2014-10-01 10:50:30 To celebrate the birth of its classic shoes Reebok Pump 25th anniversary, Reebok was recently invited to the famous shoe store in Charlotte Social Status work together to create a joint planning. This time the two sides to deep red color, the upper with woven leather to create the effect, the overall feeling is very special uppers, and finally to a pale green gum outsole color rendering. It is reported that this pair of Social & nbsp; 25 Status x Reebok Pump anniversary this weekend is expected to be limited in designated shops for sale, a friend might like to look at it. & nbsp; GUNDAM x Reebok Insta Pump Fury series exposure 2014-05-06 22:47:11 In the Insta Pump Fury on the occasion of the 20th anniversary, Reebok also to join the ultra-popular Japanese comic "up" for lost friends shoes offer a novel joint. The series consists of RX-78-2 and MS-06S two different colors, which RX-78-2 version up to the iconic white / blue / red / yellow four-color composition, very recognizable; and MS-06S version is the choice of "Red Comet" signature red color, with a purple sky and decorative details. There is no detailed information about the sale of the series, fans please pay close attention you up.Kobe Nike 3 Fade; to Black" " will be available for sale 28 days of this month, overseas pricing is also $200, while the domestic does not have an accident, then the 1399RMB will be priced for sale. The number is 869453-004. Many people may think Kobe 3 sources of inspiration in a waffle, because regardless of the uppers and soles, are all very similar, actually otherwise, its design inspiration from the Mamba snake scales, and the shoes are the main content of science and technology is full palm cushlon midsole and before and after the palm cushion, tup material also for the shoe to support and fixed. Although a lot of people are Tucao Fade; to Black" " the color, but at least from today's official website performance point of view the appeal of the package is still very amazing. pictures from solecollector& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; yesterday, the Chinese Olympic Committee and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games official partner adidas in Beijing Technology and Business University jointly launched the "2008, we ran together," cheer all the people running Olympic events. "2008, we run together" to cheer all the people running Olympic events will continue until the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games in August, covering the whole of China, each participant will get a Chinese Olympic Committee and Adidas together The number of cards issued. More people as long as the landing Adidas specially created, complete the assigned game for Olympic-related, you can get an electronic version of the number plate, along with the opportunity to run the Olympic star.Givenchy recently released the 2017 spring summer accessories series, which is designed by Riccardo Tisci, which now includes multiple backpacks, wallets, key chains, and many other products. The series is now on sale at Givenchy designated stores. Jet Life will work together to create a joint Reebok shoes, the two sides to the classic tennis shoes Club C 85 modeled on, inspired by the legendary rapper Curren$y in New Orleans. This pair of shoes to the Green Suede build, embroidery with "Jet Life", using a rope as a shoelace, Andretti OG insoles Logos. It is reported that this Jet Life x Reebok Club C 85 will be available today at the time of the United states.